Clogged water and DIY purge: be careful!

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Water clogged ? But beware of DIY solutions! In some cases they could cause even more damage! If you want to try to open the toilet by yourself, try to follow my advice. Otherwise call the hydraulic emergency service and plumber near me in Carlsbad.

Water clogged: common causes
That of the clogged toilet is a common accident that often occurs because of our bad habits. Unfortunately many people insist on throwing in the toilet material such as sanitary napkins, cotton buds, hair, which in the long run tend to form a plug that obstructs the drain. Often the toilet is clogged with excessive amount of toilet paper. In other cases, the cause of the obstruction could be limescale. Depending on the type of cap, it will be more or less difficult to open the toilet.

Clogged toilet: what to do
In the case of limescale it will be necessary to use an acid descaler , but for this it is better to contact the professional plumber to avoid corroding the pipes! In other cases you can try using the plunger.

First, wear a pair of rubber gloves, then cover the floor around the toilet with newspapers or blotting paper. Put the suction cup in the toilet until it is covered with water and start applying pressure repeatedly. If the obstruction unlocks, you will hear the thud of the water suction.

Another useful tool can be a spring-loaded stapler , readily available in hardware stores or DIY stores. The spring is very flexible and has a kind of hook at the end. Once the obstruction is reached turn the crank and the cap should come off. Download several times to make sure all residues are eliminated.

If you do not have a hardener you can also try a wire , for example a metal hanger. This will only work if the obstruction is not very deep.

Unclog the toilet with chemicals and grandma’s remedies: be careful!
I advise you not to use chemical products or mixtures based on vinegar and bicarbonate (the old grandmother’s remedies) to unclog the toilet, because they could ruin the ceramic and corrode or burn the pipes.