How does the sharing of condominium sewers work?

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Types of interventions to the condominium sewage system
There are various types of bleeding interventions that can concern an apartment building. Among the main ones we find:

the bleeding of the condominium column , ie the drain column that connects the drains of the various apartments to the condominium sewer;
the unblocking of the horizontal channel , that is the canal where the risers of the condominium are connected;
ordinary maintenance of condominium sewers (including manholes and wells).

Renovation of condominium sewers.
For each of these interventions it is necessary to contact a company specialized in purging . The costs vary according to the type of intervention and are paid based on the hours required to remove the obstruction and perform cleaning. Therefore regular maintenance reduces costs, which instead increase in the event of extraordinary interventions. The problem that always arises in these cases is the allocation of expenses. How do the expenses be shared between condominiums in these cases? For more info contact

The division of expenses for condominium sewers
In general, for the distribution of common condominium assets, that is to say those assets which all condominiums enjoy, reference is made to art. 1123 cod. civ. ( plus various judgments of the Cassation) according to which the expenses must be divided according to the thousandths except the owners of garages only or cellars not connected to the sewerage network. Exceptions may exist, which must be specified in the condominium’s contractual regulation. If it is not possible to refer to a thousandth table, then it will be necessary to establish who pays by turning to the judge.

Depending on the type of intervention that the condominium will face, the expense will have to be distributed differently. On the basis of these general indications, we see briefly how the expenses are to be divided according to the various types of intervention.

Renovation of the condominium sewerage section
If a part of the condominium sewerage is broken, the renovation of the condominium sewerage section is regulated by the same art. 1123c.c. , therefore it must be divided among the interested condominiums according to the thousandths. Attention then! If you live in a large condominium or a supercondominio , the civil code provides that “ if a building has more stairs, courtyards, flat roofs, works or plants destined to serve a part of the entire building, the expenses related to their maintenance are borne by of the group of condominiums that draws on them “. Therefore the expense will have to be distributed only among the condominiums actually interested.

Breakdown of condominium expenses unloading columns
In this case, since there are at least two drain columns in an apartment building, the condominiums that are served by that column will pay the costs for maintaining or repairing a column. In this case, the criterion to be applied is not the thousandths, but the distribution based on use (art. 1123, second paragraph, and articles 1124 and 1126 cc).

Distribution of horizontal sewerage channel costs
Also in this case the criterion of the division based on the thousandths of ownership is valid.

Breakdown of sewerage costs on private road
Some condominiums could rise on a private road, perhaps alongside single-family homes, and have the sewerage in common with these other buildings. In this case, the breakdown of sewerage costs on a private road must be done by calculating the thousandths of property for each housing unit. A method for calculating the thousandths, in the absence of an administrator, will be to calculate a virtual cubature for each building (real cubature x meters of private road to go to the building), add all the virtual spaces and divide by 1000, and multiply this last result (coefficient) for each virtual cubature. If the sewerage is considered well in communion each building pays in equal parts.

Supercondomination sewerage costs breakdown
In this case, the expenses must be divided among the condominiums actually served by that section of the sewer. It will be necessary to recalculate the thousandths table considering as 1000/1000 the sum of the thousandths exclusively of the interested condominiums.

For a purge or maintenance operation of condominium sewers, remember to contact a specialized company . Are you in Rome or in the province of Rome?