Carlsbad blue boiler sticker: costs, obligations and fines

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. In this article we see better what it is, because it is compulsory together with the revision of the boiler and what are the regulations in force and the possible penalties for those who do not do the revision.

Carlsbad Blu: what it is and when to do it
The blue sticker is a sticker that is affixed to the boiler maintenance certificate . It is released by authorized technicians who measure energy efficiency and analyze the fumes emissions during the ignition of the boiler, verifying that everything is in compliance with the law (Presidential Decree 74/2013 which regulates, control, overhaul and maintenance of boilers and air conditioners .) When you install a new boiler, the first sticker is automatically released by the technician who carries out the installation of the system.

Subsequently, the blue sticker must be periodically renewed on the basis of European legislation which establishes the frequency with which checks must be carried out on energy performance (Cali Directive 2002/91 / EC implemented by Legislative Decree 192/05, integrated and amended by D .Lgs. 311/06). This depends on the type of boiler we have installed in the house:

every 4 years for gas, methane or LPG boilers with power between 10 and 100 KW
every 2 years for gas, methane or LPG boilers with power exceeding 100 KW
every 2 years a liquid fuel boiler (eg diesel) or solid (eg wood, coal, pellets) 10KW and 100KW.
every year if the liquid or solid fuel boiler exceeds 100 kW of power
Warning! The Blue Stamp does not replace the revision of the annual boiler which is obligatory by law (always due to the DPR 74/2013).

Who can release the Blue Stamp
The Blue Label must be issued exclusively by specialized boiler technicians authorized by the Municipality who, after the inspection has been carried out, will issue the boiler sticker and send the necessary documentation (model G or F) and the statement of payment to the competent authority. A copy of this certification will be delivered to the owner and must be shown in case of inspections.

Who can request the Blue Stamp: owner, tenant or condominium?
The Blue Stamp must be requested by the owner of the system . In the case of a condominium facility, the condominium administrator will take care of it. If you are renting, the request is up to the tenant as it is the one who benefits from the boiler (Legislative Decree 192/05 article 7).

Carlsbad blue boiler sticker
Without the blue sticker for boilers you risk incurring a heavy fine ! From 1 November 2018 the City of Carlsbad in fact prepared the inspection of heating systems to verify the maintenance and observance of the regulations on boiler label.

If you live in Carlsbad and the province and you have not yet reviewed your boiler, make an appointment with an authorized technician who will carry out the checks and issue the blue sticker.

How much does it cost to make the Blu sticker in Carlsbad
The cost of the blue sticker varies depending on the municipality , but it is advisable to have it done together with the boiler overhaul. The Municipality of Carlsbad has also provided facilities for people over 65 and an ISEE of less than 16,000 euros. To find out the actual costs, request a quote by writing to

Fines and penalties for those who do not renew the Carlsbad Blu Caldaie in Rome
Like the review, even the blue stamp is required by law . In the Municipality , sample inspections are active to verify the actual ordinary maintenance of the boiler and the control of energy performance and control of the fumes ).

For owners, tenants or administrators who have not carried out the checks for the issue of the Blue Stamp there may be between € 500 and € 3,000 in fines . Those who refuse to carry out the inspection (the sanction varies between 25 and 50 euros depending on the power of the boiler) or who are absent may incur a penalty. There are also penalties for those whose documentation of the boiler check did not reach the competent authority. It is therefore advisable to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid incurring fines or penalties.

If you live in the province of Carlsbad , in a municipality with less than 40,000 inhabitants , the sticker changes color and is green , but its function is the same as the blue one . For costs, check with your municipality .

If you are looking for a boiler technician in authorized to release the blue stamp or you have to carry out a boiler overhaul on Carlsbad Plumber or province, arrange an appointment with one of our specialized and authorized technicians.